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Do you need healing or know someone that does?
Do you desire to walk in the Power of God?
Do you want to start receiving all that God has for you?
...Then this book is for you!

Walking in Faith was birthed out of the miraculous healing power of the Almighty God.
God's love and miracle-working power are limitless and available to all.
This is Tim Greenwood's testimony of healing from terminal heart disease. But, more importantly, this is a step-by-step teaching of what he learned.

This book is a short one hour read, meaty and right to the point.

Tim says:
My open-heart surgery had failed and the doctors had told me that nothing more could be done.
At age 45, I was diagnosed with terminal heart disease and sent home from the hospital to die.
After 25 years of denominational Bible study, I still didn;t know anything that would change my situation.
But God showed me, that that I had a choice. "I set before you, this day, life and death." "Choose life!"

And that's what I did. I chose life by learning and applying what god's Word said about my situation!

To do this, I literally had to begin "walking in faith"!
I chose life and now I'm healed.
My message is simple. If I can do it, you can do it!

Thousands have already received healing through this book.

We left the hospital with the doctor's words still ringing in our ears. "You will die unless you have a heart transplant."

At that point in our lives we had no idea what Jesus had done for our healing. So, we tried everything we could think of in the natural, but all failed. But then - the Holy Spirit introduced us to Jesus and began teaching us how He had paid for our healing while here on earth.

The hope and faith that had fled began to return as we grew in the knowledge of His Word "His will" the promise of His healing. We learned that we had to use and develop our faith on a daily basis for this is how the Bible says we please God.

As you read and learn about God's love for you and how to use the faith deposited in you, you will receive your healing too, for God is not a respecter of persons.

By grace you are saved. But it doesn't end there. And it doesn't even start there.

God established a relationship with mankind through Adam, a child of God. Adam sinned and all mankind went into bondage. Jesus came as the second Adam to reestablish that relationship.

In order to salvage that broken relationship He offered mankind extraordinary leeway in the form of a second chance to repent and rejoin in that relationship by accepting Jesus as King, becoming a citizen of the Kingdom of God, getting adopted by Father God and becoming a member of the God family.

That extraordinary leeway is the favor that the Bible refers to as grace. And that is only just the beginning of the favor that comes from being a child of God. And its all available to you.

Debunking the Suffering Doctrine.

The Suffering Doctrine is just that – a load of bunk. Primarily an anthology or hodgepodge of individual's traumatic experiences and religion’s attempts to explain them, which, whether well meaning or not, has resulted in blaming it all on God.

For nearly 1700 years, the devil has put sickness and disease on members of the Body of Christ. He has burdened them with poverty. He has oppressed them at every turn. And they haven’t even fought back - because they thought they were suffering for Jesus.

Over the years, this unscriptural doctrine of suffering for God by submitting to such works of the devil as sickness, lack and oppression has become the sacred cow of sacred cows when it comes to religious tradition. But it’s time that we knocked this sacred cow in the head.

This book reveales what God has to say about the Fruit of the Spirit and how you can daily walk in it. Galations 5:22-23 speaks of the fruit we are to develop in our lives God operates out of love and we are to do the same.

All of the fruits stem from love. If we do not have love in our lives, than the rest of the fruit will lay dorment.

God commands us to love one another. We can produce this fruit in our life and please God by doing so. When you practice putting this fruit in your life, eventually it will become normal for you to walk in it.

For over thirty years I sat in a church not understanding what Jesus said to the Apostles: 'I need to go (back to Heaven) so I can send My Holy Spirit to you.'

Once I asked God to fill me with His Spirit - He began taking me on adventures that I never dreamed even possible.

Study the scriptures in this important book and allow the Holy Spirit to teach you, comfort you and to draw you into an ever deeper, abiding, personal, intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father and Jesus, His dear Son.

You may never look at faith the same way again!

Every promise and statement of fact in the Bible is really a Good Faith Contract that is available to you, and the Lord has provided thousands of these Contracts, already signed and sealed with His blood, only awaiting your signature for you to obtain the wonderful blessings therein.

"Good Faith and Biblical Contracts" makes the concept of FAITH more tangible to those who have found it difficult to apply FAITH to their everyday lives, and will help believers understand and apply FAITH from a practical standpoint.

"Good Faith and Biblical Contracts" will help you discover:
The fundamental importance and blessings of Good Faith.
How Good Faith actually predates mankind.
The Keys to success in every relationship.
And how to have and operate in Good Faith each and every day.

If you want to rapidly learn:
how to handle the daily responsibilities of a manager,
how to successfully collect rents,
how to properly process the banking,
how to professionally show and rent vacancies,
how to deal with all types of problems, and
how to efficiently work with tenants and vendors.
...Then this book is for you!

This book is an investment in your future. The information shared here will help you become a successful apartment manager right from the very beginning, it will make life easier and help you get your work done while enjoying the job..

This 120 page 8.5 x 11 workbook is what every apartment manager needs to know.

Marcia says:
I wish that I had this kind of informative teaching on apartment managing when I began managing my first building those many years ago – how much happier my life would have been!

You do not have to begin your new managing job by trial and error. You can know what to do from the very beginning, including the selection of the right building for you with a "good" management company.

This book will prove extreemly valuable to new and existing apartment managers alike.

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